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For Free Thinkers, Freelancers, and Freedom Seekers

You’re not stuck. Life is constantly changing and creating. Where you’ve been and where you are now is not a life sentence or your ever after. You can be the leader of your craft and your life.


Have you had enough of faking it, burning the candle at both ends, hanging in there, and defining life by your project?


You have missed holidays and important life moments because of work. You question who you are outside of the business. Burnout is common. Creativity and freedom are your values, but you have no idea where they’ve gone.


The excitement and dedication to the job worked for a while, but it’s not working anymore. The logistics, deadlines, expectations, and obligations make you want to scream inside. You wish you had more leadership and mentorship. You are proud of what you do but have a little voice inside saying, “Not This.”


I know you because I was right there too. 


I can help

In my coaching practice, I work with creatives, freelancers, executives, leaders, production industry professionals, artists, ADHD adults, and freedom seekers.

Together, we deconstruct thoughts, stories, and limiting beliefs.  We partner to work through burnout, priorities, old stories, deep patterning, imbalance, and past traumas. Through Trauma-informed coaching, we integrate what happened to you so you can live the life you deserve—a life of freedom and safety.  I bring a hefty toolbox to every session, which helps to deconstruct old thoughts, chase demons and dictators who hijack thoughts, and provides blueprints for freedom.  Like my production crews, I use the same formula from above. My greatest joy is seeing people live better lives.  It accomplishes the same thing as my production career:  One step at a time, we make the world more peaceful, safe, and free.

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