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About Rachel Rosengarten:

Executive Producer, Producer,

Stage Manager, Deck Manager


Rachel works as an executive producer, documentary producer, event producer, stage manager/show caller and deck manager. She excels in fast-paced and high stress positions that require a patient and calm voice. Her excellent organizational and managerial skills create seamless execution from the smallest virtual conferences to the world stage. She is comfortable with all aspects of the project process, from research and production through post-production.  Rachel is highly respected for being a team player who puts integrity and the safety of her crew first. 


With 20+ years of experience, Rachel has called the show at corporate summits (both live and virtual), executed live events, documentaries, brand activations and television programs in over 30 countries. Some career highlights include:


  • Successfully delivered the live show at 5 Olympic Games

  • Over a decade of content production at Lollapalooza, Austin City Limits Music Festival and Coachella

  • Production of world feed at Times Square New Years Eve 

  • Line Produced the OWN Network series, Belief, a 7-part episodic show. 


Rachel's vast experience makes her one of the most diverse and multi-dimensional producers in the industry.


When not working, Rachel loves spending time with her two children and partner. Production gave her the perfect skills for raising children: relentless energy, long days and nights on the job, and an unwavering commitment to be of service to make the world a better place. 






Liza (LU) is a Baltimore-based event producer, project manager, and mama of two beautiful boys. She has been producing large-scale events across North America for the last twenty years and most recently served as Staffing Director and Project Manager for Summit events, Chief of Staff with Art With Me, and the Senior Director of Events at Wanderlust. Liza believes that almost anything can be made possible with slack and a few badass google sheets, yet it's the incredible combination of sweat and human spirit that makes an experience extraordinary. If you ask her, she will tell you, “on any path that may have heart, there I travel."

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